Why Consider Facebook?

In Australia, Facebook has 17 million active users, and 1 in 2 use Facebook daily. With these numbers, it makes sense to consider Facebook in your medical marketing mix.

How is Facebook Different to Google Search Marketing?

Nobody searches for medical keywords within Facebook. Rather, Facebook’s marketing efficacy is derived from your access to specific highly targeted audience data (gender, age, location, education, interests and behavior).

When we setup a Facebook campaign, we enter details about your target audience so ads will show up in their Facebook newsfeed.

Facebook Ads For Medical Marketing:

  • Like Us Quotes - Ads that will ask to “like” your practice page. This option is great when you want to build a following on Facebook, we would recommend at least 2 months of Like ads if your page is relatively new to Facebook.
  • Pay Per Click - Ads that bring visitor directly to your website after clicking it. Since the objective here is to attract targeted visitors instead of likes, this option is our most common approach. Medical websites for doctors will benefit as they will see improvements in website traffic and bookings.

Make it Easy With Focused Landing Pages

In order to improve your marketing return on investment (ROI) we typically combine focused landing pages as part of a campaign setup. This enables uncluttered and clear messaging and calls to action.

Continual Improvement

The YPO Campaign support team don’t stop there. Using A/B testing methods, we can continually challenge the best by testing new colours, headlines, graphics and calls to action.

Over time this can dramatically improve an ad's performance and your ROI

Lead Strategies Drive Practice Outcomes

While ROI calculations are not absolute, traffic metrics and increasing exposure to your target audience works.

We are seeing great results with many practices in both pre and post engagement, as well as a broadening of the practices’ followship.


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