Chances are your practice communicates with some patients via email. Whether it’s appointment reminders, post-visit recaps, or a simple follow-up note.

Standing out in a cluttered email inbox is key to communicating with patients effectively.

Don't Get Ignored

Seeing that the average person receives over 120 emails a day, your message has a lot of competition. Use these tips below to ensure patients take notice to your dental practice’s emails:

1 - Subject Line

Make your subject line count. If your subject line doesn’t make sense or doesn’t catch attention, it could easily be deleted. Or worse, marked as SPAM and never seen.

Make sure your subject lines are personable, concise, and accurate to what is included in the body of the email.

Subject lines work best when you keep it under 50 characters and avoid words like “FREE” so you aren’t marked as SPAM.

Try sending emails at odd times. With “inbox zero” being the new goal, sometimes people will ignore an email truly because they are just too busy to ready yours. By sending an email at night or during the weekend, this may catch a patient’s attention.

Test different email send days and times and track to see which has best response rates.

2 - Choose Your Words Carefully.

Content is everywhere, and people don’t have time to read everything that lands in their inbox.

People are constantly rushing and need a concise email. There’s definitely a need for personality and a lot of need-to-know information but try to keep emails under 100 words and link out to other important information if they must find out more.

3 - Use a Clear Call-to-Action

Make sure your email starts and ends with what you want your readers to do.

Like: Complete a Form and Return It or Schedule an Appointment

Whatever the action item is, make sure it’s clear and simple.

Most people don’t read the full email – they skim the text – so ensure your call-to-action stands out from the body of the text by using a button or bold text to set it apart.

4 - Be Mobile Friendly

Be mobile-friendly. Over half of all emails are read on a mobile device.

Make sure your HTML emails are optimized for a mobile viewing experience, to ensure that patients don’t need to pinch and zoom to simply read your email.

Otherwise, you chance being ignored or deleted.

5 - Test Before You Send

AB Test and measure success. Learn about your audience by testing the message, send times, calls-to-action, and subject lines.

Make sure to define what you are testing and what success looks like so you can successfully track your efforts and make smarter marketing decisions for your practice.

Email marketing is here to stay – so it’s important that your practice utilises this medium effectively.

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