How Doctors Can Look Their Best?

What Your Patients Do Online?

80% of your new patients “Google your practice” before they pick up the phone. What they find, whether good or bad, is very important to your practice's health and growth.

Nowadays, "medical searches" are the 3rd most common use of the internet. They are looking for answers to their medical questions and they feel empowered. This reality creates both a challenge and an opportunity.

What Your Patients Find Online?

Assuming your target audience can find you, what do they see? If what they find does not present the most professional profile, you may have a problem.

Your online presence only starts with your website, your patients don't stop there. Typically there are as many as 30 other locations or channels that; list, review, or profile you or your services.

Patients often scrutinize these websites on their decision journey. It is only natural, they are looking to gain insights or a perception of how credible, capable or likeable you maybe.

The picture they build can help them and your practice, or they can cost your practice new patients. These channels need to be nurtured in order to help build a positive story for your patients.

How Can You Look Your Best Online?

Understanding the fact that your patients never sleep and are always online is essential.

Your patients' new ease of access to information about you creates a great opportunity for your practice to look your best online, and your approach starts with two questions:

What do you want your patients to see?

Where do you want your practice online to be found? 

These are great initial questions as they help define your practice's online objectives. Ensuring your practice online looks its best, starts with analysis and planning.