Improve Your SEO

A simple way to build your website’s standing is by improving the number and quality of “Authority Backlinks” to your website.

This is one aspect of your practice’s ‘off page’ search engine optimisation (SEO) that you can do easily.

What are Authority Backlinks

A backlink, or inbound link, is a link coming from another website to your website. The higher the linking website’s authority the more valuable it will offer your website.

Google ranks a website domain with authority based on how well it is regarded by knowledgeable people in your industry. These would include other doctors, government, user traffic etc.

Useful Professional Links

You may have current or past relationships with several institutions which have strong Google authority, these could include:

  • Hospitals (private, public, day surgeries, clinics etc)
  • Memberships (AMA, Societies, Associations, Committees, Boards etc)
  • Awards & Accreditations
  • Events (Conferences, Meetings and Seminars, GP Divisions etc)
  • Content Citations (Publishers, Papers, Google Scholar, Projects, etc)
  • Presentations (Speaking Events, Case Studies, Training, etc)
  • News (Research, Public Relations, New Techniques or technology, Interviews, etc)
  • Suppliers (equipment, licensors, joint ventures, clinical trials, etc)
  • Sponsorships (charities, events, outreach programs or participation etc)
  • Complimentary Services
  • Popular Blogs that you feel are suitable

Update Existing Listings

Besides making a direct request to your various contact points at all the above organisations, you may need to simply:

  • Expand or Correct a Citation or Listing
  • Include or fix website links from their website

How to Approach Webmasters?

Where you are seeking a new listing or the institution is large, you may need to direct a request to the organisation’s webmaster.

As large websites receive many links your request should be: Brief, Evidenced, Easy