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With employment claims on the rise, it is essential for practices to protect themselves against the risk of everyday workplace relations issues.

As you know, getting this information wrong can be extremely time consuming and expensive. We have heard some real horror stories relating to unfair dismissal claims, incorrect documentation etc.

We have researched companies that can provide this information, and even tested some industry associations, simply to find the advice very generic and ad hoc, (including some government agencies), and even incorrect.


We found a firm that provides practice support, and excellent advice with demonstrated results in the medical industry.
Their aim is to protect employers with a complete workplace relations solution, designed to both prevent disputes from occurring, but in the event that they do, ensure against the associated costs.


The firm provides medical practices with: 

  • Audit of workplace documentation for a fraction of the cost of using a law firm or HR Consultancy
  • Complete document uniquely tailored to your practice, along with indemnified advice on managing any workplace relations matters.
  • Dedicated advice helpline.
  • Unlimited expert advice throughout the year to empower you in knowing what you can & can’t do with your staff from a legal perspective.
  • Legal representation in disputes by in-house employment lawyers.
  • $2 million insurance cover underwritten by QBE with $0 excess (This means that even if you lose a claim, all of your costs are covered by the included Insurance)


By paying an annual fee for a service package, we have found the service to be cost-effective. Everything is included (audit, unlimited advice, insurance and legal representation). There are no hidden costs, no hourly rates and no excess on any insurance claim.
The flat fee enables a practice to budget for complete protection and achieve peace of mind when it comes to employment issues so they can focus on the needs of their business.

Common HR Claims include: 

Unfair dismissal, Harassment and bullying, Discrimination, Breach of contract, Wage disputes, and Fair Work Ombudsman investigations


We have also negotiated a Discounted rate specifically for YPO clients, so if you would like to learn more submit the form and we will arrange for someone to talk to you.


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