How Women Use Online Reviews 

Key Health Decision Makers are Women

In most household key health issues are strongly guided by women.

The following pages outline recent research on how Reviews are key factors influencing those decisions.


Health and Beauty are the Most Influenced?

From the many categories surveyed by over 11,000 women who said they were influenced by reviews, the highest ranked were Health Products and Services.

Why Patients Use Reviews?

Because we are looking for information from multiple sources.

When Reading a Review

What matters most to patients when considering or weighing reviews online.

WARNING: Don’t Take Short Cuts

You can’t post your own reviews. Review websites use algorithms and filters that at best delete all reviews posted from:

Suspect computer IP’s

Tagged IPs including multiple geo locators

Where search engines see systemic fraud or ‘black hat’ tactics they can remove your website entirely from their search algorithm.

Practices need a system or process that attracts great authentic reviews and over time effectively builds your reputation online.