Doctors Website's Photo Galleries

The help personalise your service and reassure patients they are not alone.

Galleries offer Visual Proof

Galleries and Patient Images including “Before and/or After” photos should be a standard process for many doctors websites.

Galleries are essentially visual proof of your work and that you have happy patients.

When should you ask for imagery?

Post service delivery (eg: birthday or a later date in the studio) or after a key outcome is achieved 

Certainly after you know the patients are happy. This is the ideal time to ask them for an image for your gallery

How you can offer inducements?

In appropriate circumstances you can offer pre-arranged discounts to have professional photos taken with a local studio. Studio photos especially of infnts can be far more visually pleasing.

Arrange this with a local photographer in exchange for his automatic sending a copy to you for use on your gallery.

Make Your patients feel more at ease?

If a patient is concerned about images being used in a gallery or social posting, you can make it easier by defining planned usage:

  • Publication - what is included (first name, last name, initials)
  • Depersonalisation - aspects of the image (box over face etc)
  • Distribution - list restrictions website, social media, other websites
  • Duration - maybe offer sunset date for publishing

Always best to have a consent form that clearly outlines usage and other restrictions.