Effective Emails Start With Design

Do your emails drive actions like calls or downloads?

You only have one chance to make an impression and design plays an important role

Critical Elements

Do your emails enjoy an open rate of greater than 40% or do people opt out faster than you can build your list?

Are not getting noticed? Do your email campaigns look professional Is your message getting to the people who need to hear it?

Email Features

  • Sophisticated statistical data
  • Professional Designs
  • Access full statistics
  • Easy List Management
  • Sign-up forms
  • Existing e-mail importation
  • Automatically subscribe
  • Auto unsubscribe contacts
  • Confirm opt-in subscribers (if required)
  • Segment based on actions or data fields
  • Create Autoresponder campaigns
  • Automatically format and deliver HTML or text e-mail
  • Upload, store & manage images
  • Preview e-mail desktop and mobile
  • Easy Edits
  • Send and Track
  • Anti-Spam, Can Spam Act Compliant
  • Personalise each email automatically
  • Schedule sending date and time
  • Automatically Bounce Management
  • Export list information
  • Open & click tracking reports
  • View complaints, if any 
  • Unlimited List / Database Fields
  • Demographic Reporting and Analysis
  • Automated Triggering and Scheduling
  • Focus groups / AB Testing
  • Many advanced features