What is a Domain

Your domain is your key identity online it is typically what your website is called eg: www.yourpracticeonline.com.au and your DNS (Domain Name System) may also control other aspects of your online services like your email (eg: mark@yourpracticeonline.com.au) 

So the DNS makes it easier for find your website address or host location (eg: so your DNS A record points your domain name your host or server.

Similarly the DNS MX record manages your email setting and directions.

We Setup Your Domain

As part of our standard website setup we register your domain in your name. You own your domain. So we typically need your nominated business name, ABN, and contact details - name, mobile, email.

Your domain renewal are covered as part of your Maintenance Fee. If your require extra domains, we arrange an additional domain for your website there is a fee of $50 per domain per year. This service includes DNS Setup, Redirect, Optimisation, Email configuration and Renewals.

We Manage Your Domain

In order to manage your domain we need access to this domain admin panel.

This requires three elements access to your DNS Control Panel or what some refer to as Domain Name cPanel login credentials including your login and password. 

Existing Domain Who Manages your 

The registrar with whom the domain is listed (eg: Netregistry or MelbourneIT). This can be found by typing your domain into the website www.ausregistry.com.au/whois/  This will give you information about your domain including:

  • Registrant Contact Name: 
  • Registrant Contact Email
  • Tech Contact Name: this should be us
  • Tech Contact Email:
  • Domain Name: www.your-domain-name.com.au
  • Registrar Name and Link with whom you lists your domain.
  • Registrant, the company, trust or individual who owns the domain

How to Change DNS Management

At any stage you can change our status as your domain manager and access your domain control panel.

To do this you need to write to the DNS Registrar (refer above) and request to Split The Domain from us managing the DNS.

Your Split letter has to state:

  • Nominate the new managers details
  • Present the request on the owner's letterhead.
  • The letter can be faxed or posted to the Domain Registrar and typically can take some time to process.


  • You are an authorised person acting on behalf of the registered owner,
  • Document proof that you are an authorised person (eg: certificate of incorporation, drivers license etc)

Once the management change is completed you should have full Domain Name System access including user name and password.