Diagnostic Content Method

The specific references to the test Coronary Angiography below are for example only.

Please complete for each test


About the Test

  • What is the test (overview of the test)
  • Why has it been recommended (suspected conditions or symptoms)
  • What conditions can the test diagnose
  • What further information can the test show (stages, progression, metrics?)
  • What consequences are there if the suspected condition is undiagnosed or untreated

Preparation for the Test

  • what to bring
  • what to wear
  • how long etc

Test Description

  • Describe what happens
  • Steps/Stages

Some suggested Paragraph headings

  • /Coronary Angiography-summary
  • /Coronary Angiography-benefits - Offer Benefits, features - eg:designed to help inform your future patients on their decision journey or Coronary Angiography pathway
  • /Coronary Angiography-key-elements - competitive advantage
  • /Coronary Angiography-detail-specifications -
  • /Coronary Angiography-options - what Coronary Angiography choices or options are available for the problem
  • /Coronary Angiography-other - what alternative Coronary Angiographies are available for the problem
  • /Coronary Angiography-process -
  • /Coronary Angiography-why - outline features and benefits of one approach vs another
  • /Coronary Angiography-procedure - detail specific steps for each Coronary Angiography procedure
  • /Coronary Angiography-preparation - advise on preparation for Coronary Angiography
  • /Coronary Angiography-post-op - describes stages of recovery and care plan
  • /Coronary Angiography-outcome - answers what the patient should expect
  • /Coronary Angiography-results - what success looks like
  • /Coronary Angiography-downtime - answers lifestyle, recovery or off work duration
  • /Coronary Angiography-prognosis - reviews patients possible outcomes
  • /Coronary Angiography-costs details - costs and funding options
  • /Coronary Angiography-pricing - standard, advanced, extras
  • /Coronary Angiography-Coronary Angiography-examples - videos
  • /Coronary Angiography-other - other issues: research, links, videos, case studies etc