Design Principles

Some design principles that we would prefer to develop websites using are:


  • Mobile First - user experience is essential and easy
  • Keep it clean, simple and uncluttered navigation
  • Enable clear paths to visitors benefits,
  • Use consistent, unobtrusive and functional design elements and links
  • Navigation and labels concise (limit number of buttons and links)


  • Quickly tell how your audience can benefit, (<5 sec) - not simply what you do
  • Use emotions to in headlines, graphics for effective message delivery
  • Create engagement with photos and short videos that lead your visitor to the place they need
  • Where possible tell a story


  • Critical content is above the “fold”
  • Flat colours, green/orange, pink/blue help keep the site fresh.
  • Ensure font size, spacing and style are consistent and easy to read
  • Use bold, flash and add‐ons sparingly

Conversion Elements

Whether they be for Home Page or Landing Page design, the following design elements can help:

  • Gain their Attention
  • Drive Engagement
  • Build Credibility
  • Lower Barriers to Action
  • Calls Visitors to Action