Practice Build PROCESS

Stage 1: Project Scope

This initial step summarises our discussions and is designed to clearly define the projects purpose.

This stage includes:

  • Agreement to Proceed and Payment Plan
  • Confirm Practice Information and Team Details
  • Fully Report Current Website Metrics
  • Confirm Website's Purpose and Objectives
  • Nominate Competitive Websites
  • Define Keyword Focus and Content Outline
  • Summarise Target Audience
  • Review some Design Attributes and Examples
  • Setup Project Management System
  • Detail Initial Steps and Schedule

The project scoping document is called "Our Understanding of Your Needs". Beyond this summary what will happen, the document overviews core areas of focus.

Deliverable: Understanding of Your Needs (2 days)

Milestone: Client Agreement

Stage 2: Positional Review

The Positional Review follows the acceptance of "Our Understanding of Your Needs". The stage is necessary to define and prioritise the tasks required to your outcomes.

This review includes:

  • Non Clinical Content Coverage
  • Structure, Mapping and Tagging of each Page
  • Off Site Assets and Traffic Sources
  • Online Presence and SEO Score
  • Clinical Content Coverage
  • Audience Engagement Relative to Outcome
  • Keyword Relevance and Search Term Focus
  • Design Usability and Suitably to Outcome

The Positional Report and Immediate Action Plan delivers a well researched and clearly explained plan of action :

Deliverable: Positional Report & Immediate Action Plan (1 week)

Milestone:  Acceptance of Plan

Stage 3: Execute On Site Action Plan

During this stage the tasks recommended and agreed in the "Immediate Action Plan" are performed either to correct or expand the functionality and usability for visitors, and to improve visibility for search engines.

This stage would typically involve the following tasks:

  • Non Clinical Pages Corrections
  • Expand Non Clinical Pages
  • Add Improved Forms & Autoresponders
  • Clinical Content Topics  
  • Improve Doctor CV Page 
  • Improve Imagery
  • Design Changes & Usability
  • Keyword Suitability
  • Clinical Pages Restructure
  • Clinical Content Redrafts
  • Clinical Tagging and Links
  • Add More Keyword Relevant Content

The result is a significantly improved website that is more focused and fit for purpose.

Deliverable: Fresh Content and Design (estimated 3 weeks) 

Milesone: Improved On Site Content

Stage 4: Execute Off Site Action Plan

During this stage the tasks recommended and agreed in the "Immediate Action Plan" are performed to either correct or expand the practice's off site listings and assets.

This stage would typically involve the following tasks:

  • Google Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Mobile etc
  • Compile Practice Assets and Imagery
  • Verify Google Maps for All Locations
  • MyBusiness, Google+ YouTube
  • Register and verify Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Verify and Fill Bing Places
  • Build Out 20+ Off-Site Channels
  • Reputation Channels Setup and Kit

The result is correct practice citations on the most popular channels and significantly improved website visibility.

Deliverable: Google, Bing and Channel Assets (estimated 3 weeks) 

Milesone: Improved Off Site Visibility

Stage 5: Strategic Plan

Once the core website and off site channels have been rectified or built out, the next stage is the Strategic Review and Plan. During this stage other Strategic Options are evaluated for their ability to support the Practice's Growth Objectives. 

Some Strategies that are commonly executed include:

  • Content Development and Distribution
  • Conversion Marketing with SEM
  • Targeted Referral Marketing
  • Event Marketing (both live and virtual)
  • MyBusiness, Google+ YouTube
  • Further Online Reputation Building
  • Database Building and Patient Emails
  • Verify Google Maps for All Locations

While Ongoing Website SEO activities continue to build a competitive practice web presence, often practices choose to expand their online marketing activities to attract more patients and improve new patient enquiry. 

Deliverable: Strategic Review and Strategic Plan (1 week) 

Milesone: Acceptance of the Strategic Plan