Outcome Definition

With every project it is important to have a clear outcome. We engage the client to clarify 'what' the core outcomes are for each project. This includes:

Objective Analysis

Reviewing existing metrics/results

Preparing a Sales and Marketing Gap Analysis

Producing a Process Flow Analysis


Dollarised or Defined Outcomes

While a client's intuitive beliefs can replace these processes, they are often useful in creating an alternate insight of the challenges facing a business.


A Fresh Look

Often taking a fresh look at your business can explain 'why' things are the way they are. We can quickly review the following areas with various analysis tools:

Audience or Market Analysis

Offer or Sales Proposition Analysis

Price Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Process Flow Analysis

The result is often a more insightful understanding of what needs to be considered for the most appropriate strategic path.


emotional drives

  • Models 
  • Strategy
  • Solution
  • Analysis and Plan
  • Define your outcome and alow you to see a clear path
  • Create content using the right keywords.

    What keywords? Your keywords are like bridges. They're the reason anonymous searchers can get to your website. But in order for searchers to make the trek across those bridges and actually visit your site, they have to be interested in the content behind the search listing.

    The best way to know what those searchers want is to know your personas -- since it’s your personas who are the searchers you’re trying to attract. Keywords focused on the problems that your personas face or the goals they’re hoping to achieve are what you should be creating content about. Why? Because people are actively looking for solutions to those problems. If you have content that helps solves their problems, searchers will find and visit your site.


  • What questions? Write blog posts on topics people need answers to.

    It’s not just website pages that can help you attract traffic to your site -- your blog can be one of the most powerful tools you have to get new visitors. Just as you should be optimizing your website pages around the keywords that your buyer personas are searching for, you should be doing the same thing with your blog posts. What are your personas’ most frequently asked questions? What are the problems they’re facing and are searching for help with out on the Internet? These are your blog post topics.

    Write blog posts that are relevant to your personas and answer their questions so that when your persona searches these terms, your site appears in front of them. This will not only help to keep your website and business top-of-mind next time that searcher is looking for help, but it also aids in building trust with your potential buyers.





Process: Discuss, define and agree on project objectives or purpose

Deliverable: Project Objectives


    Target Audience 

Process: Define target audience attributes and socio-graphics, including their needs, emotions, pain points, and concerns

Deliverable: Persona Profile


    Decision Journey 

Process: Understand your patients decision pathways, including influencers and time frames. Map likely patient questions posed through the stages of their journey awareness, consideration to decision

Deliverable: Patient Journey


    Target Research

Process: Review current website traffic metrics and research target behaviour, search terms, keywords, traffic analysis, relationships and channels preferences

Deliverable: Target Research


    Assess Platform

Process: Review existing online presence, client fact find and existing content audit, perform a channel and target gap and sweet spot analysis, basic competition analysis

Deliverable: Platform Gap Analysis


    Mission Statement

Process: Summarise your content parameters including the who, what, and why of your content. This statement frames, filters and test potential content topics and channels

Deliverable: Content Mission Statement


    Strategic Plan

Process: Marry Objectives with Research and define baseline targets. Define core message, content focus, initial 4 topics and scope non-prioritised list of possible topics. Plan channel gaps resolution. Draft distribution schedule

Deliverable: Preliminary 90 Day Plan -