Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee is designed to provide our clients with comfort that we will deliver projects managed by us both on time and at the agreed cost.

Each proposal contains provisions for timed deliverables and agreed costs. These costs, dates and turnaround times are dependent upon both:

  • the timely turnaround of documents and design elements for approval (less than one business day), and

  • the supply of information and graphics within the scope of the proposal (this time metric may vary dependant on complexity).

Should the delivery time need extending due to unforeseen circumstances, material or information delivery delays or un-timely approvals, we reserve the right to warn the client and provide a new timeline that both parties are comfortable with.

Where the brief changes or is extended the initial scheduled timeline is void and would require a review. These issues are all managed online within the Quantum Project Management System that is accessible anytime on the proscribed web address (url).

(example of Quantum's Project Management System)