The CMS facilitates document control, auditing, editing, and timeline management.

Every site that we implement for their cleints are powered by a Content Managemet Solution (CMS).

A CMS is an online software solution driven through your web browser which allows you to manage and control dynamic collection of web material (HTML documents and their associated images).

The CMS gives large and small organisations the power to distribute the management of their web content to the people who create it, saving time and freeing up specialist IT resources.

Your solution will include the following:

Custom design website

Integration of the design with the CMS technology

Setup of one Home page with call to hero shots and call to actions (pictures to be provided)

Design and setup of your internal page template with sub navigation

Creation of your menu structure which allows you to make instant changes

Suport and training

Quantum Content management system is an online software solution driven through your web browser and used to manage and control dynamic collection of web material (HTML documents and their associated images).


Quantum Content facilitates document control, auditing, editing, and timeline management. X2-Content gives large and small organisations the power to distribute the management of their web content to the people who create it, saving time and freeing up specialist IT resources.

Quantum Content Feature List

Flexible User Management & Security
Add multiple, secure members’ areas to your website
Provide online registration for new users
Assign a user to any members’ areas (channels)
Multi level security (roles) in each channel.
Add & manage files/documents for downloads
Files are saved in any specified location on the server; no database space required for file storage
Files from secure member’s areas cannot be downloaded without user authorisation
Check in/out, versioning & rollback support
Create & manage calendar-based listings
Create news, journals, blogs, or any calendar-based postings
Customize listing layout and style using templates
Team collaboration & workflow support (check in/out, versioning, rollback & approval)
Embed latest postings on any page

Create & manage articles, knowledge-base, file list, photo galleries, or any general purpose listings

Create rich content entries with file downloads, photos, and online video/audio presentation (mp3)

Easy-to-navigate paged listing with configurable ordering
Manage few or large number of listing entries with option to include/exclude entries from site menu
Content locking (check in/out in easy or advanced mode)
Quick "Save & Publish" or approval-based publishing (workflow) scenarios
Automated versioning and rollback support (facility to restore previous revision)
All essential site navigation elements
Vertical menu, horizontal menu, drop down menu, top & bottom menus, breadcrumbs, sub menu, and quick links.

Complete Description

Easy to use 
The simple user interface and logical approach make content management accessible to businesses without dedicated IT staff.

Robust and secure 
Don’t let its simplicity fool you. With features you’d expect to find only in high-end CMS packages, and the flexibility of channel-based permissions system, can meet the content management needs of large, multi-department organisations.

Versatile and secure document management 
Because content is more than just web pages, Quantum Content offers secure document management of MS Office documents, PDF files, graphics… whatever files you need to distribution.

Advanced Team Collaboration features 
Quantum Content makes it easy for multiple team members to work together on your web content. Automatic page locking ensures that changes can’t be accidentally over-written. A comprehensive Version History feature enables you to track changes and restore previous versions of any page. And a flexible approval workflow lets you specify the most appropriate approval process for each section of your website.

Maximum Flexibility in Layout & Content Presentation. Additionally, the Custom Listing feature enables you to create listings from any content in your CMS and re-use it anywhere on your website. For example, you could create a list of featured products and place it in a specified position (left or right column, top or bottom of body) on your homepage.
The Custom Listing feature gives you flexibility not provided by many content management systems.

Quantum Content provides unique Listing features that open up new options for organising related content

Listings are quick and easy to create

You can add a listing on any page of your website, and it can contain a wide range of content.

Here are just some of the ways you can use listings:

A directory of knowledge-base articles, ordered by date, popularity or rating
A thumbnail gallery, linking to images, audio or video files, pdf documents, etc.
A blog, using Quantum Content built-in comments, rating, calendar and RSS functionality
An e-commerce catalogue, linking to pages featuring downloadable or shippable products
A directory of links to other websites
A list of downloadable files, for example MS Office files, pdf documents, etc. – useful for giving your staff access to the documents they need
Calendar-based or General Listings
Quantum Content offers two types of listing: Calendar-based or general
Calendar-based listings are ordered by date and provide the basis for blogs, news and journal content
General listings are intended for galleries, directories, catalogues, etc. You can choose whether the entries in a general listing are included in the site navigation.
All listings feature flexible layout and content presentation. You can set the number of columns and the number of records per page; and you can choose a template to format the listing display. Quantum Content comes with several existing templates, or you can create listing templates to fit your own design.
The Power and Flexibility You Need
General listings feature flexible ordering options: you can order a listing manually, or configure it to be automatically ordered by a number of properties, for example:

Alphabetically by title or author;
By rating or popularity;
By date of publication or of last entry.

You can create a collection of videos (FLV) which can be viewed on your site with the provided player – it’s like your company’s own private YouTube.

Downloadable product sales
You can offer digital products by secure download for your, while providing public access to evaluation versions.

MP3 playlists
You can create a playlist of your audio files and let your users play them using the built-in MP3 player.

Image galleries
You can have a gallery containing a few photos of team members can be ordered manually, while at the same time providing a large collection of product photos that your visitors can sort by date, popularity (most hits or most downloads), etc.

Document downloads lists
You can create a list of files/documents for download, with a different access level on each document so your users/groups will only see documents relevant to them.
Listings offer advanced users the following:

Advantages of check-in/check-out for collaborative authoring
Versioning so that you can rollback your content to a previous revision
Flexible approval workflow

All essential Site elements
Search, Printer-friendly page rendering, site map, publishing info, comment posting, content rating, etc.

Complete navigation control
Show/hide pages from site navigation specify display links and specify their ordering within the site navigation menu

Scheduled publishing
Publish web content immediately or on a scheduled basis

Create polls that can easily be added to any page

Setup forum with ease and let users communicate with each other, discuss issues or share ideas

Form Builder
Create custom form for general purpose data collection

Multi-language Sites 
Quantum Content allows you to create multi-language sites, allows visitors to view site text and captions in their own language, and automatically rendering date and number format according to the visitor's preferences.
Language selection is provided, configurable and can be placed anywhere on the site.

Use Templates to separate content from design
Quantum Content will design your templates to suit different sections of your business.

Powerful Editing Capabilities
Quantum Content provides an easy-to-use, fast-loading WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor for quick updates to your content.

User-friendly URLs
Content stored in the database can be accessed through friendly URLs. Use custom or auto generated URLs.