Clinical Content Method


Who are your target patients?

Some questions we need an understanding of are:How can you group your target audience (Age, Sex, Geographic, Socio Economic, Billing)

  • What are their problems in common language?
  • How can you solve their problems?
  • How would you summarise your practice to your target patient?
  • What keywords would patients use to find a solution like yours?
  • What are your target patients greatest pain points?
  • What are your target's most common irritations about other doctors?
  • What are you new patients 3 most common questions (more is better)?
  • What makes your offer special? How do you differentiate your service?
  • Why should a patient choose you?

What is your problem?

The Problem  or Conditions You Treat (knee pain, cancer surgery, perceived ugliness)

  • /condition-description - what is the condition
  • /condition-anatomy - where & how does condition affect your anatomy
  • /condition-causes - what are the causes of condition
  • /condition-impact - how does the condition affect your health (eg: pain)
  • /condition-symptoms - what signs or pathology is evident with the condition
  • /condition-stages - what are the stage of the condition
  • /condition-diagnosis - what pre treatment tests use to diagnose the condition
  • /condition-untreated - what are the consequences if not treated

How we can you help?

The Solution or Treatments You Offer (surgery, advice, care teams)

  • /treatment-options - what treatment choices or options are available for the condition
  • /treatment-other - what alternative treatments are available for the condition
  • /treatment-approach-x - overview surgical approach for the condition
  • /treatment-why - outline features and benefits of one approach vs another
  • /treatment-procedure - detail specific steps for each treatment procedure
  • /treatment-preparation - advise on pre-surgery preparation for treatment
  • /treatment-post-op - describes stages of recovery and care plan
  • /treatment-outcome - answers what the patient should expect
  • /treatment-downtime - answers lifestyle or off work duration
  • /treatment-prognosis - reviews patients possible outcomes
  • /treatment-costs details - costs and funding options
  • /treatment-other - other issues: research, links, videos, case studies etc