Beyond SEO there are limitless traffic generation strategies, some options we have implemented with our clients successfully are as follows:

Strategy List

#1 Pay per Click

but only if you can directly measure return on investment, track successful keywords and call record

#2 Email Communications with patients and prospects

#3 Remarketing use patient search profiles to target preferred local patients

#4 Reputation Marketing get happy patients to become your online marketing department

#5 Directory Listings ensure your listings and back links are accurate and up to date.

#6 Maps & Directions review all map references and location references

#7 Public Relations use online, traditional media and social outlets to

#8 Content Marketing create more targeted content for your defined market

#9 Continual Review always be reviewing your statistics, competition and growth

Regular Emails

Backup Tips

Password Management

Portraits and your image

More Referrals

Telehealth Initiative

Google Analytics

Reputation Marketing

Video Production startegies

More Traffic

Your Practice Logo

Video Production startegies

Creating Difference

Domain Names

The Power of Case Studies